Levels of Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal power, and for the people who have been cured is nothing less that miracle. Reiki is a power that flows from your hand, it has different stages and through it one can heal any kind of living thing that has power. Reiki is about converting negative vibrations into positive vibrations. Reiki is a real power , its beyond any religion and is rather scientific and has a logical base. Through Reiki one can overcome any sort of health ,financial, relationship problem.

Regarding Reiki history it has been discovered by zDr. Mikao Usui in 1930 and he healed no. of pople. Dr. usui declared that it is not about serving water to everyone but about serving a thirsty person and to avoid any karma chakra needy to person has to repay something to Reiki Master.

Reiki is Kalyug avatar and true guardian. There is no alternative to this Reiki have changed the life of so dejected and helpless person making them cheerful and positive for enjoying life to the fullest. It is powerful, positive and pure energy with which you can solve any problem of life relating to physical, mental, relationship, prosperity and any thing else  by learning reiki techniques.   

It is not religion and it does not conflict with any persons’ interests.   Anybody can learn reiki at any age with any education background.  Only will is required and nothing else. Reiki is logical and scientific and all over world several hospitals, medical doctors, surgeons and other persons of different professions are using Reiki as a complimentary medicine and are practicing it successfully

You can heal yourself and you can heal any body distantly with Reiki.  This is the only technique with which you can heal anybody distantly and no other technique can do it.It has hidden unlimited human potential as every person is born with immense psychic and spiritual powers.  Once these powers are recognized, there is nothing left to demand from God. After becoming Reiki channel, you can achieve the goal of your life and your confidence is increased to such an extent that you feel nothing is impossible. You get rid of superstitions, fears, sufferings, tantriks and planetary fears and you become the master of your own health and life. It deals with the science of Aura, chakras, kundalini activation, telepathy, and makes you aware of power of subconscious mind.Prosperity is the bye product of Reiki.  After learning and practicing Reiki, you are bound to become prosperous and you can achieve any thing in life according to your wishes.  You become the maker of your own destiny.

Reiki deals with Law of Attraction and with this you can manifest dreams, goals and desires. You learn how to apply the law of attraction to shape your destiny, circumstances, peoples and goals.  When you become reiki channel and excel in higher courses, all secrets, questions and search start ending.   You become free from all diseases, sufferings and superstitions etc. etc.  You become so confident and your ultimate potential is explored and utilized.   Your food and actions are automatically regulated and your body and mind is purified and you remain healthy, positive and happy all the time.  You create positive vibes around you and in your home and work place, and you start attracting persons and circumstances to your benefits.


Dowsing means to locate and seek information of any living thing across the universe. Reiki through dowsing is very powerful technique . Healing through dowsing is very effective and is giving awesome results .Through dowsing you can communicate with Reiki . With dowsing you can know where the healing is required . For accurate solutions and the answers , dowsing is a very effective technique.U can know anything about person from REIKI through dowsing. Dowsing is your perfect intuitive guide. You can choose the right business, career , life partner, job etc.

Become A Reiki Healer With Us

Reiki is a stress reduction and relaxation technique that can provide you with various kinds of spiritual healing. If you enroll with us, we will teach you the various techniques with which you can know the technique using which you can treat the people who are looking for any kind of spiritual awareness.

Our body is ruled by various energies and by enrolling in these types of courses; you can know how to control these forces and energies.

Want to bring an end to the stresses and worries present in your life- get enrolled in any of our spiritual healing and awareness courses

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