Crystal Ball Gazing

The Tarot has been used over the centuries define the future and to discover the hidden truths. Yet over the past thirty years or so the tarot has grown popularity again and has become one of the major tools for self discovery and personnel growth . Why ? Perhaps the answer is simple-the tarot speaks the language that is accessible to all. Tarot speaks the language that is universal because it tapes into the archetypal realms that permeate your unconscious. They provide an immediate access to your deeper self too, whether you call your intuition, soul, inner guide, divine messenger or guardian angel.

For hundred of years the tarot has been one of the important western mystical pathways for fortune telling , divination and self development. With connections to alchemy , psychology , astrology, numerology etc..........Nobody really knows where tarot originated : as with many mystiries , hostorians, writers and practising occultists invented various historical roots coloured by their own personal views . No one really know the origin of the word "tarot" . Tarot is one of the powerful tools for developing self awareness. It is timeless. Tarot inspires , creates pathways , gives guidance and makes a huge difference to the way you view your life & deal with its challenges . It is wonderful tool for self analysis & self improvement .

Tarot not only bring fresh insight into making choices and allow you to develop trust in your instincts and intuitions, but it also opens up new horizons in relationships, career issues and personal fulfillment. It can also bring you closer to the spiritual and psychic side of Nature.

The word divination is derived from the latin. Divine means to be inspired by gods.

The Tarot provides instant and direct way to understand the rhythms and patterns at work in your life. The tarot is also helpful in predicting the events which are about to happen . The cards reflect our own hidden desires, actions and goals. It can also happen to to develop self awareness so that we can make conscious and effective choices in our life to make it better and successful. Cards are simply mirrors of our emotions & feelings . In simple language it tells about our PAST ,PRESENT & FUTURE.................

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